Learning Goal:

To become a good Junior Python developer, your learning goal should be-

  1. Python basics: Variable, conditions, while loop, for loop, list, function
  2. 30+ Python coding problems
  3. 2 python projects
  4. Data structures, Basic Algorithms, OOP
  5. Github, hosting, services, API, database, and IDE
  6. Python frameworks: Numpy, Django, pandas, matplotlib

Once you have a list, now ask yourself how much time you can invest every day based on your current situation.

Learn in 2 months:

If you are super serious (kind of crazy), you can learn Python in 2 months.

  1. You have to be super dedicated and extremely regular.
  2. Learning Python will be a full-time activity. You will start at 8.00 am and you keep doing it until 5.00pm. In between, you will take a lunch break and small snacks break (1hour total).
  3. At 8.00 make a shortlist of things that you will learn today. After that take one hour to revise and practice the things you have learned yesterday.
  4. From 9.00–12.00: you will learn and practice less. After lunch, you will practice more and if you get stuck you will search online.
  5. Strictly maintains, 4–5 hours of learning and 2–3 hours of practice every single day (max you can take 1-day/week break).
  6. Your friends will think that you are crazy. So, be that crazy.

If you can maintain this routine for 2 months, no one can stop you.

Learn in 5 months:

If you have a full-time job or you are a student, you can finish it in 5 months.

  1. After coming back from your work/school, spend 2–3 hours to learn python.
  2. Your goal will be to learn one day and practice the next day.
  3. You learn and revise what you have learned yesterday on your work commute (bus, train).
  4. During your lunch break, you discuss with your friends/colleagues about learning Python.

You will never learn Python:

Don’t do the following things. You will never finish learning Python if you—

  1. Don’t plan to learn 1 day/week. or at the weekends only. This plan will never work. Family, friends or cultural events will eat your weekends.
  2. Don’t rely on your friends/life-partner/dad to teach you Python. They will do it for 3 days and then they will stop.
  3. Don’t try to understand every single thing. At first, you have to understand a few and then keep exploring more.
  4. Don’t plan to learn everything that Python can do. Make a small list to get the first job. And then learn at work while you are getting paid.
  5. Don’t waste time planning and thinking. Just start today.

Where to learn from:

These days there are so many sources to learn python. The first one I will recommend is an android app called: Programming Hero. You can learn beginners to intermediate and advanced content. You can practice coding right on your phone.

The second resource that I will recommend Learn Python Data Camp Course. If you want to learn by watching a youtube video series, I will recommend python tutorial series.

Special note:

You won’t become a Python guru or python expert in 2 months or 5 months. Instead, you will become comfortable with python core parts. And you will be able to work as a junior Python developer.

If you want a day by day plan, check out: Can I learn Python in a month?