Before we think about it, the question that comes to our mind is, What is programming and what should I do after learning programming? So, let’s break it down into different parts.

What is programming?

Programming is the process of creating instructions for computers to perform a task. Programming is the art of thinking clearly. There are many programming languages available like Javascript, PHP, Python, etc.

Why programming used for:

Programming is used for many purposes, such as mobile apps, software, websites, games, and numerical calculations for research. And these programs work on computers, mobile or any other machines.

Now we know what programming is and why it is used for, here are some tips that one can follow:

1. Know the purpose of learning programming:

If you want to learn programming then you should know why you want to learn programming? What are the things you want to do with it? It's an important question to ask yourself. There are a lot of reasons to learn programming. So find your purpose.

2. Choose the right language:

There are many languages ​​in computer programming. Each of these languages ​​has some unique features and they are ideal for one-to-one work. For example, Java is used to create mobile apps, Javascript is used to create websites, HTML and CSS are used to design texts for various web pages or browsers.

So we have to choose the programming language considering the work.

However, although the syntax used in different programming languages ​​is different, their basic concepts are the same. So those who want to start programming, they can choose a high level of simple syntax language. As such, the syntax used in Python is relatively simple and so it tops the list of beginner’s preferences.

Once you are done with the basics of programming, then any other language can be learned easily.

3. Find Tutorials, Blogs, Apps, etc:

Some good tutorials or notes need to be gathered after choosing the target and programming language. Because a lot can be learned easily by following short and proper notes. Nowadays high-quality notes can be easily collected from various websites for free online. Collecting notes from any site, reading them, and practicing them can easily achieve the target. You can find a lot of blogs where you can get ideas for programming. Nowadays people use smartphones. There’s a lot of apps available related to programming like Programming Hero and more.

4. Start with small and simple programs:

To learn programming we can write shortcodes and try it out. If we succeed in this, our enthusiasm will increase. And by practicing short and simple codes over and over again, we can gradually learn the programming language.

5. Discuss programming:

When learning programming you need to discuss programming with someone else. Because, when we discuss something, we can better understand it and eliminate our misconceptions. So, we can easily learn programming by practicing the subjects we are reading and discussing with others.

6. Trying to understand someone else's code:

We can improve our programming skills by reading other people's code. A lot of example codes are available online. We can learn how to use different logics and more efficient code for the same problem. In this way, our knowledge of programming will continue to grow and reach perfection.

7. Understand the logic used during coding:

We need to focus on the basics used when coding. Because the basics or logics used in almost all programming languages ​​are the same. So if we master the basics of programming well then we can easily learn any other language later. Moreover, if you want to learn programming and do many things together, such as simulation, building a website, or building software, then we have to learn different languages.

8. Practice regularly:

Regular practice is the most important part of learning programming. Only regular practice can mix the ideas of programming with our blood.

9. Solve new problems regularly:

Solving new problems is the main goal of the programming journey. So, while coding, try to solve small problems. By solving one problem after another we can increase our ability to solve problems and our ability to think, which will later help us to become better programmers.

10. Reading programming books:

Reading books is one of the most important things for programmers. Because we can increase our knowledge by reading books. As a result, on the one hand, our skills in programming will increase, and on the other hand, it will help you to be aware of new ideas in the world of programming.

11. Online video lectures:

Through online video lectures, one can easily know the opinions of experienced teachers from different parts of the world on any subject. So, if we have difficulty in understanding any programming subject, we can watch the video lecture on YouTube. This will help us to learn programming faster. You can also try online course platforms available, like Udemy, etc.

12. Teach what you learned:

When you learn something new, try to teach others about it. Then it will be familiar to you. You will know your problem and be able to fix it. It will help you to develop your confidence.

13. Concentrate patiently:

Patience is an important skill programmers should have. Programmers suffer by making mistakes in codes or not being able to catch mistakes in code. So you can become a successful programmer only if you learn programming with deep patience.

14. Keep yourself updated:

While learning programming, you have to keep yourself updated with new technologies. Because technologies are changing day by day. So you must keep yourself updated with new technologies

We can easily learn any programming language by adhering to the above-mentioned points while learning programming.