Programming is one of the most amazing and evergreen fields of recent times. The way the pandemic has affected all the businesses, it’s the need of the hour to Go Digital!

Meaning, if you want your business to survive, you will now surely need to take it online. The way businesses used to operate over the years is about to change completely and thus, your business will need to make a way for programming to survive and to reach the audience.

If you think How? Then here’s an example,


If you are a tutor and have been teaching offline in your coaching centers for years, that’s amazing! But, will it survive in the coming future? Of Course not! Thus, you might need to go online and take your courses online. Maybe live sessions or sell pre-recorded sessions. Point is, you will need to go digital! And here is where you will need a platform, maybe a third party or your own to sell your courses, and here is where Programming comes in. You will need a web application or a mobile application, and thus, you can’t avoid programming.

Similarly, if you run a hotel business, or maybe a toy shop, you will need to make space for programming.

So here’s why avoiding programming can be bad for your business,

It is the Future and Need of the Hour

As we have already discussed, programming is the future since the world is getting more tech-savvy and technologies are ruling. Technology is embedded everywhere and there is no doubt that it has become a part of our daily life whether it’s entertainment or we have to communicate with someone or we have to go somewhere. We are relying on technologies and there are thousands of industries dependent on computer programs to run their business operations. And due to digitalization, the demand is ever-increasing and the need of the hour.

Programming is Creativity

Programming is always considered as all about something computational, mathematical, frustrating, and boring but there is a creative side of it as well. When programmers see something is imperfect in this world then it becomes their job to analyze the problem and to give a visionary solution. Just like painters, a clever programmer picks a suitable programming language, design patterns, patterns of logical expression to implement the solution.

Isn’t that what we call business? To be creative and come up with something that would solve a world problem?

Understanding both sides of the Business Equation

In any kind of industry or business, it always becomes difficult for a non-programmer or departments who have to do nothing with coding to understand the complete process that requires to get the job done. A misunderstanding is always developed between engineers and non-programmers when it comes to finding a solution for a specific problem. So, to run the operations smoothly and come up with greater good, avoiding programming will be bad for your business.

Life-Changing Experience

Programming always gives you a new challenge where you have to take the risk every time and that teaches you to take the risk in your life too. The world is full of software, apps, websites and when you build these things on your own you feel more confident and powerful. When a programmer is able to solve a problem that had no solution before it becomes a life-changing experience for them. And that is what business is all about, right? Challenges, Risk, and Solution.

The backbone of the Modern Businesses

Zomato does not have its own restaurant, Uber does not own a single car, Bitcoin does not have a physical existence, Amazon does not have a store of its own. The point is, these are some modern technologies that are a lifesaver. And they totally depend on their product that is online with any physical existence and still doing wonders! That’s what modern business is all about, you will have to let the technology in, and in return, you might get the success out!

Thus, in this ever-changing tech-savvy world where technologies are ruling, avoiding programming can be really bad for your business! What do you think?